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    Magnet Telecommunication is a Thana / Upazilla internet service provider in Kapasia, Gazipur. We provide world-class broadband connectivity with maximum availability. To ensure high availability we use fiber optic cable with diversifying path through Summit Communications Limited and Fiber @ Home Limited NTTN. The customer gets high availability and committed information rate with consistent throughput. We use MPLS-VPN to serve our customers to ensure maximum security. The network is monitored by proper monitoring tools so that we can find out any fault of a circuit very quickly and be able to rectify it within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the customer. We are continuously expanding our network to reach customer doorsteps for quicker delivery. We research new products and services for continuous improvement.

    Internet access for all customer segments (i.e. home-users, enterprise) through the fast, robust, and consistent fiber network of Magnet Telecommunication.

    Dedicated Internet Bandwidth having up-steam redundancy through ITC & Submarines (SMW-4 & SMW-5) using Summit Communications Limited and Fiber @ Home Limited NTTN. Mesh connected backbone network, significant numbers of point of presence (POPs) to reach customers ensuring higher up-time KPI, low latency to reach the global network. 24/7 after-sales support enabling global standard Network Monitoring Centre (NOC) & specialized support team.

    Magnet Telecommunication is a premier provider of Internet & data communication solutions based on Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) and Point-to-Point connectivity. Magnet Telecommunication has an exclusive focus on network solutions including Internet & Data Connectivity to the market and to the customers who benefit from it. With our combined infrastructure development, strong customer partnerships, and field-proven deployments, we provide the broadest range of Business Network Solutions for different target customers.

    Magnet Telecommunication has more implementations, dedicated engineers, and technological expertise than any other data communication player in the market. Magnet’s financial strength, experienced management team, strong solution portfolio, and diversified sales base will ensure that its strength retains in formidable position as the emerging data communication solutions provider in the IT network infrastructure market.

    Magnet Telecommunication mainly focused on Divisional internet/data connectivity and system integration services for corporate customers. Magnet’s future plan is to deploy network infrastructure all over the country as the nationwide internet service provider.


    Objectives of Magnet Telecommunication

    The objectives of Magnet Telecommunication are set out as follows:

    • Provide uninterrupted excellent quality Service
    • Maximum pay off from current TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
    • Excellent support for ultimate comfort
    • To facilitate high-speed, dedicated broadband connectivity directly to the client’s premises over a radio/wireless and Optical Fiber link.
    • To provide data connectivity almost anywhere in the country through its network.


    To connect every user with world-class multi-media services with the objective to help develop a Digital Bangladesh.


    • To establish and operate telecommunication transmission networks for the country’s ICT and Telecom sector.
    • To innovate and implement transmission technology with durable, reliable, scalable, and affordable service quality.
    • To explore and work toward the future potential of different multimedia services on a multi-operator model.

    Md. Razib Sheikh Admin

    Khandokar Rahatul Islam Assistant Manager

    Shakil Ahamed Assistant Engineer